Down Payment Options

Often the biggest hurdle to buying a home can be saving the down payment.  If you don't have all the cash in your account or a family member to help you out, here are some programs that may work for you. 
Also, I have a link to a great booklet for new buyers published by Genworth Financial.  It might be something you want to look over if you are looking to buy now, or down the road.

Down payment
•    Home Buyers' Plan (RRSP  for down payment)
•    Graduate Retention Program - First Home Plan
•    Borrowed down payment - iSask has partnerships to put together well priced loans and lines of credit to be used toward down payment.
New Buyer Booklet

Just a reminder:
I have access to many banks, many non banks and all 3 mortgage insurers.  In many cases it takes the right combination of lender and insurer to get the right approval.
I have access to the lowest interest rates in Canada.  One stop.

I look forward to getting you properly prepared and pre approved so that you are ready to make an offer when the right home comes up.
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February 10, 2017