First Time Buyer Tax Credits

For those of your who purchased or know someone that Purchased their First Home in 2015. Congratulations first of all!

But now for the best part. With all the expenses incurred last year, you can get a little of that money back. And you can get it out of the federal and provincial government to boot! even better.

Below you will find a couple of website links that will give you information on First Time Buyer Tax Credits. You can also call the number below to reach CRA and ask questions, or contact a local tax office.  You will find a place on your income tax filing to input that you are a first time buyer and save some income tax! (search first time home buyer tax credit) (search first time home buyer tax credit)

Please pass my name and website on to anyone who is shopping for a mortgage. The interest is just the start of where i will save you money.


January 25, 2016