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Home Ownership Spring/Summer 2018 ebook (Genworth Canada)
May 3, 2018
Great CMHC info for First Time Buyers or anyone looking to Purchase a Home
January 25, 2018

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Cut the risk - What will interest rates do next
The general consensus is that we will see a rising interest rate trend in 2018.  The economy in the early part of 2018 was not as strong as expected, but most economists feel it will improve
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Prime Rate Unchanged. For Now
It seems variable mortgage rates will be standing pat, for now, as the Bank of Canada announced today it will be keeping the target for the overnight rate as-is, at 1.25%.  How this relates to
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Housing demand in Saskatoon should increase
There are some good economic signs for Saskatchewan in 2018 & 2019.  Many economists expect Saskatchewan to lead the country in economic growth. Potash has seen strong demand, increasing
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Interest Rates Scaring you?
Interest rates scaring you? It is true that mortgage interest rates have come up over the last month.  Keep in mind that this is a very small increase, and we’re still in an ultra-low rate
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Graduate Retention Program - First Home Plan
First Home Plan - Graduate Retention Program Using the post secondary graduate tax rebate in advance for the use toward down payment.  The best down payment program to hit Saskatchewan in a
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The Power of Home Ownership - The Numbers
Let's just assume you pay $1,600 plus utilities to rent a home.  Although you have no maintenance expenses, you have no access to the potential that home has to appreciate in value over the
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Down Payment Options
Often the biggest hurdle to buying a home can be saving the down payment.  If you don't have all the cash in your account or a family member to help you out, here are some programs that may work
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What does .2% interest savings do for me
Let's put .2% interest rate savings on a mortgage into perspective in your daily life. Here's how it breaks down. On a $300,000 mortgage, you will keep $30 per month in your bank account and not
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2017 Mortgage Trends
I looked around the mortgage market this week to see what some of the driving trends are and where some of the best mortgage opportunities might be going forward. We are certainly seeing some
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Own vs. Rent
A friend asked me the other day to give my perspective on renting vs. owning. I thought about this, and came up with many great advantages to own and a few good reasons to rent. Then I got to
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Canada Child Benefit to Counter new Mortgage Stress Test
The changes announced by the Finance Minister were put in place to ensure that home buyers can afford to hang onto their home if interest rates are higher when their mortgage matures down the
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iSask's New Website!
Welcome to our brand new website! We have been busy working on bringing you a new innovative mortgage information source. We want to thank Stealth Web Design for their wonderful job of working
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The Value of Having Options
With banks tightening up their lending guidelines, a client who gets a decline from their bank is given a very definite decline.  This can be devastating. Many people don't know that they may be
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Child Tax Benefit - the Mortgage Broker Advantage
For many families, Child Tax Benefits are a very important part of monthly income that often allows one parent to stay home or work less hours.  It is also a great benefit for a single parent as
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Be Wary of being only a Rate Shopper, and get the Facts
In a recent survey taken by D H consumers are using the internet to shop for mortgage, but are finally becoming more aware and wary of new hidden fees, bank policy changes and risky mortgages
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First Time Buyer Tax Credits
For those of your who purchased or know someone that Purchased their First Home in 2015. Congratulations first of all! But now for the best part. With all the expenses incurred last year, you
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4 ways to use Home Equity to Build Wealth
For some people, a retirement goal is to pay down their mortgage/debt and keep a low cost of living.  This strategy works and is safe, but often does not produce a high level of cash flow in
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Why Not Cash Back?
Cash back on mortgage -  Can be a great tool. Often people save for their down payment only to be discouraged by the amount of legal fees, moving expenses, or small reno's that need to be done
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Own a Revenue Property 5% down?
In Canada, if you want to purchase a residential revenue property, you are required to have a 20% down payment at the very least.  Many people would like to get a revenue property to diversify
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My friend, the expert
Do you have friends who have a profession based on skills and expertise such as a lawyer, accountant or electrician?  If so you may occasionally ask that person for advice.  After all, a friend
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Two-thirds of Canadians do not find getting a mortgage to be straightforward.  That is what we as Mortgage Brokers are here for.  We work for you and answer any questions you have along the
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I love this house but it's dated
A common problem in the housing market You are shopping for a home and see one listed in the perfect area, a beautiful yard, and just the right square footage.  You can’t wait to go take a
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Why is getting a mortgage pre-approval so important?
Purchasing a home can be stressful. There is a narrow window to ensure financing of the home. Getting a preapproval takes pressure off to make this a stress free, enjoyable and exciting
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Rain or Shine, it's Boogie Time for iSask Mortgage Brokers!
When we woke up on the morning of Sunday, June 10, 2012, I thought what are we doing...this is crazy....are we seriously doing this????  While Scott was driving to Griffiths Stadium we were all
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Is my Child Tax Benefit income used to qualify?
If you go into your bank, then your answer is likely to be no. If you go to a mortgage  broker, then the answer will likely be yes. The truth is..... major banks choose not to use this income
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Why are more people using a Mortgage Broker?
Let's face it.  Borrowing money is not fun. It is what you can do with the money that is fun.  Buying that new home, refinancing you to get your dream kitchen/hot tub in you always wanted
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Saskatoon Homestyles Show 2012
WOW!  What a weekend!  Thank you to everyone who came to our booth at the Saskatoon Homestyles Show this past weekend.  It was great! At our booth we had a draw box there to enter in to win a
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