Cut the risk - What will interest rates do next
The general consensus is that we will see a rising interest rate trend in 2018.  The economy in the early part of 2018 was not as strong as expected, but most economists feel it will improve throughout 2018.  The question seems to
April 26, 2018
Prime Rate Unchanged. For Now
It seems variable mortgage rates will be standing pat, for now, as the Bank of Canada announced today it will be keeping the target for the overnight rate as-is, at 1.25%.  How this relates to your variable rate mortgage or line of
April 18, 2018
Housing demand in Saskatoon should increase
There are some good economic signs for Saskatchewan in 2018 & 2019.  Many economists expect Saskatchewan to lead the country in economic growth. Potash has seen strong demand, increasing throughout 2017 and into 2018.  This has led to
January 8, 2018
Interest Rates Scaring you?
Interest rates scaring you? It is true that mortgage interest rates have come up over the last month.  Keep in mind that this is a very small increase, and we’re still in an ultra-low rate environment.  We’ve also seen increases
August 18, 2017
Graduate Retention Program - First Home Plan
First Home Plan - Graduate Retention Program Using the post secondary graduate tax rebate in advance for the use toward down payment.  The best down payment program to hit Saskatchewan in a while. Recent post secondary graduates will
March 10, 2017