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Pre-planning, rate locking and leveraging the knowledge of an industry expert

By Scott Tremblay on Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Who is the most powerful home purchaser?

What puts one home buyer in a better position than another home buyer?

We all know people that have done tons of research and attempt to educate themselves as much as they can. That is all good and does give them a leg up on most people.

But what would make them even more powerful and what can make anyone more powerful as a home buyer in Saskatoon?

Even with all of the research one can do online, there is always the question that you don’t know enough even to ask. There are daily changes in the mortgage industry, many little things to be aware of that can save or cost you money along the process and then there is always the miss information online.

A pre-approval appointment with a mortgage broker can not only save you money by allowing you to lock down interest rates while you shop, it can give empower you with the knowledge that you are fully educated, up to date and that you have a professional in your corner along the way.