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Scott Tremblay

Mortgage Broker/Owner

License No. 315793
Phone: 306-220-1917
Fax: 1-866-374-1991

Long ago as a bank employee, I had difficulty telling every person I met that the only option I had, was what was best for them. It became clear that for me to work in the mortgage industry I had to have the right option for each unique person. I was fortunate to discover mortgage brokering. Now I can get to know clients, and build a relationship of truthfulness and trust and feel good about what I do for people. I don’t work for a bank I independently work for my clients.

My job is to work with you to find your best options, package your information up to look it’s best, and get you the mortgage that works for you, and reduces what you pay to the banks. And best of all, my service is free. The banks pays us a a finders fee for giving them such a great client!

We run our business in Saskatoon keeping more money in the Saskatchewan economy and not at large corporate head offices.

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