The Value of Having Options
With banks tightening up their lending guidelines, a client who gets a decline from their bank is given a very definite decline.  This can be devastating. Many people don't know that they may be approved at another lender, or are
June 10, 2016
First Time Buyer Tax Credits
For those of your who purchased or know someone that Purchased their First Home in 2015. Congratulations first of all! But now for the best part. With all the expenses incurred last year, you can get a little of that money back. And
January 25, 2016
Why Not Cash Back?
Cash back on mortgage -  Can be a great tool. Often people save for their down payment only to be discouraged by the amount of legal fees, moving expenses, or small reno's that need to be done to the home.  These expenses often get
June 2, 2015
Own a Revenue Property 5% down?
In Canada, if you want to purchase a residential revenue property, you are required to have a 20% down payment at the very least.  Many people would like to get a revenue property to diversify their investment portfolio, but do not
January 16, 2015
I love this house but it's dated
A common problem in the housing market You are shopping for a home and see one listed in the perfect area, a beautiful yard, and just the right square footage.  You can’t wait to go take a look!  Open the door and…… ugh. Dated
January 29, 2013