Be Wary of being only a Rate Shopper, and get the Facts
In a recent survey taken by D H consumers are using the internet to shop for mortgage, but are finally becoming more aware and wary of new hidden fees, bank policy changes and risky mortgages that are becoming more common. "People are
March 4, 2016
4 ways to use Home Equity to Build Wealth
For some people, a retirement goal is to pay down their mortgage/debt and keep a low cost of living.  This strategy works and is safe, but often does not produce a high level of cash flow in retirement years. For others, the goal is
December 17, 2015
My friend, the expert
Do you have friends who have a profession based on skills and expertise such as a lawyer, accountant or electrician?  If so you may occasionally ask that person for advice.  After all, a friend is happy to help you. For example, you
June 17, 2013
Rain or Shine, it's Boogie Time for iSask Mortgage Brokers!
When we woke up on the morning of Sunday, June 10, 2012, I thought what are we doing...this is crazy....are we seriously doing this????  While Scott was driving to Griffiths Stadium we were all quiet, Scott admitted to me after that he
June 13, 2012
Why are more people using a Mortgage Broker?
Let's face it.  Borrowing money is not fun. It is what you can do with the money that is fun.  Buying that new home, refinancing you to get your dream kitchen/hot tub in you always wanted, getting rid of that credit card that was
April 20, 2012