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The Value of Having Options

By Scott Tremblay on Wednesday, June 10, 0201

With banks tightening up their lending guidelines, a client who gets a decline from their bank is given a very definite decline.  This can be devastating. Many people don't know that they may be approved at another lender, or are frustrated and do not want to go through the process again.  If I run into a decline from one of our lenders, I have the clients file in with one or two other lenders very quickly.  So when a client hears from us, we have already moved the decline into steps forward toward an approval at another lender. This takes all the negativity out of a tough situation and makes it all positive.

No extra steps, credit checks or headaches for the client.

I always have plan B, C and D in my back pocket to give a try within minutes if it is needed.
The value in a broker is not always evident to a client until help is needed.  Why not start here.

Worst case scenario, everything goes great, and our clients just get a better rate than they would have at their bank.  oh darn.  🙂

We also have some great rate specials that are making the banks cringe right now.  We can definitely save clients money, and  give them a real partner in the home buying process.

Let me be your mortgage broker

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